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One of the best ways to showcase the potential of a property is with a fresh coat of paint. Using neutral tones throughout creates a new and fresh feel without detracting from other features that make the property. Using colours that are too bright distract people viewing from the attractive features and keep their focus on the colour of the walls.


When putting a property up for sale, the first thing that should be done is going through every room and de-cluttering; getting rid of anything that is unused, looks untidy and uses up a lot of space. When viewing your property, potential buyers are envisioning themselves living there, so ensuring there is enough room for them to envision their own belongings in the home is essential.


An old, dingy carpet makes any home feel dirty and dark. Replacing an old carpet/rug with a new one adds a soft touch to any room and gives the home a family feel. Even on a limited budget, any cheap rug can be made to have an expensive feel with the right padding.


Making small investments to spruce up any outdoor space will appeal to buyers, who are not only assessing the interior, but assessing the exterior as well. Patio furniture, driveway and guttering are all examples of upgrades that can be made that automatically add to the value of your property.


In most cases, the living room and hallway are what most individuals see when viewing a house. Therefore, these rooms should create a good impression and be welcoming e.g.: adding a mirror or pictures to reflect light and make the hall feel bright, light and inviting. Even little things such as adding throws or cushions to seating can make a world of difference to the feel of your home.


New window treatments and new curtains/blinds demonstrate to individuals viewing that the property has been taken care off and adds a significant visual appeal to the property.


After de-cluttering, maintaining organisation around your house is key. When viewing a potential property, buyers will look in every cupboard and storage space so ensure it provides a good idea s to what they can potentially do with the space.


The bathroom and kitchen are major deciding factors when buyers are considering a property, so ensuring all the hardware is working efficiently is key. While having full-blown renovations may be unrealistic financially, making small investments to upgrade drawers/cabinets, faucets, lights etc. can help sway potential buyers in the right direction.


While it is a tedious, added expense, ensuring all repairs are fixed before potential buyers view a property adds to the value of the house and prevents them from adding up all the negatives of the property. Fill interior and exterior cracks and ensure there is no deeper damage to your house; tighten any loose fixtures; replace any rotted/discoloured flooring etc.

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