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Good communication is vital in any sector, but particularly for getting a construction job done. With the amount of people who will be helping out on one project, it is important there is effective communication to ensure they all know what their role is and the scheduling of the project. The lack of effective communication between those on the site and those in the office can lead to many projects going south, which is bad news for any construction company.


Construction is one of the few industries that has not made the transfer to a digital format of completing traditional tasks. Attempting to track all the comings and goings of a particular project with a pen and paper is near-enough impossible, especially if any documents go missing. Digitalisation will allow your company to boost activity, lessen the burden on office administrators and reduce stress for all involved. Having all of your staff using the same up-to-date software to communicate any and all happenings from the office to site and vice versa creates effective communication which allows for the designated person to resolve any issues that may arise.


While it is a highly spontaneous and unpredictable industry, standardising operations is far more useful than business owners may believe. Much to the disbelief of many in the construction industry, a majority of all construction processes remain the same,; while the specific project will vary every time, you will always have to communicate with an external office in order to finalise the budget, timings etc. Hence why filling in checklists, progress updates and issue lists is far more useful than originally thought. Standardising the communication between the site and office will have many beneficial long-term effects that will coincide with your overall schedule and make the administrative side of the industry far easier.


Project Managers take on multiple administrative duties to avoid lawsuits, which are highly common within construction. In order to avoid any problems for their plan, project managers attempt to protect their sites from any costly mistakes that could extend the project schedule. As a result, they may spend a lot of time micromanaging the site and visiting to gain a detailed understanding of what is going on. Admin tasks that are not necessary for the completion of a project waste the time of essential people who could be better dedicating their time into perfecting current projects and finding prospects. Therefore, effective communication between the site and the office eliminates any unnecessary work and saves time that then can be invested into perfecting other areas.

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