Creating Catchy Content – 23/06/2021

Accounts Navigator

Here at Accounts Navigator, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our content and make it more valuable for our clients. Over the years, we have learned some key tips to how create and develop engaging and catchy content to better market your business:


Publishing relevant posts/blogs is a great way of keeping your clients/customers informed of news and updates that are important for their sector. Consistently uploading content that keeps your clients up-to-date will present you as a valuable source of information which will attract more clients to your company. Relevant content will ensure your business stays relevant.


In the busy world of business, replying to online messages and social media comments seems like a low priority – almost a distraction for what really matters. However, increasing your engagements across your social platforms will help promote your business and present you as an organisation that values client opinions and responds to questions promptly. A sociable business is one that attracts the most customers.


The occasional lengthy post with important information is necessary however, be sure to keep a majority of your posts quick and easy – the world of business is fast-paced and your long content may be lost along the way. Highlighting the key information in bite-sized pieces will ensure people read your content and remember it and therefore your business.



Knowing how to take control of your business finances to maximise profits can be difficult, especially with the current climate. Knowing the common mistakes to avoid can be difficult and can leave you feeling unsure.

Our Director Andrea L Richards has written her E-Book on the most common mistakes made by businesses and has provided expert advice on how to overcome them. 

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