Photo Documentation in Construction – Accounts Navigator Associates – 16/11/2020

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Within the construction sector, reporting progress is an essential factor and comes in various forms. Photo documentation is one of the most efficient ways of field reporting and tracking. While photo documentation may turn into a big problem for Project Managers when a dispute arises as they will have to filter through thousands of photos to find a single piece of evidence that suggests a delay/mistake wasn’t their fault.

As Project Manager, developing a system that allows easy navigation through all information gathered on a particular project is essential. Maintaining a strong connection between the site and the office in order to keep a detailed and well-organised record of all happenings on the project is significant, but so is understanding the importance of photos in construction:

Better field reporting

By following a standardised approach in photo documentation, the risk of disagreements or miscommunications when using a photo for resolving a legal dispute is far smaller. Ensuring all people on site follow the same guidelines in properly conducting photo documentation allows you to strengthen your field reporting process and avoid any hassle with possible legal disputes you may face.

Protection against claims

Consistent and clear photo documentation is vital in keeping your project safe from claims. A photo gives an objective visualisation of everything that has taken place on site — hence why it is crucial you document every project activity on the field. Having and maintaining a detailed photo record allows you to back up your side of the story if a legal despite was to occur in order to avoid any penalties.

Communication between Project Manager and Site Foreman

Continuously uploading photo documentation from the site in real time to a shared platform allows all partners involved in a project to avoid misunderstandings down the line. As opposed to writing tedious reports with the fear of leaving out a vital piece of information, photos provide a clear picture to all parties involved and ensure all details are accounted for. On top of this, allowing the Site Foreman to provide accurate photos that detail all the specifics saves the Project Manager from making unnecessary trips to the site so they can focus on other jobs they have to get done for the project.

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