Rise in National Insurance – 29/09/2021

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Boris Johnson confirmed a rise in National Insurance for Health and Social Care.

You pay mandatory National Insurance if you’re 16 or over and are either:

  • An employee earning above £184 a week
  • Self-employed and making a profit of £6,515 or more a year

From April 2022, National insurance will rise by 1.25 percentage points:

  • The current 12% rate on earnings between £9,564 and £50,268 will increase to 13.25%
  • The current 2% rate on earnings over £50,268 will rise to 3.25%
  • Workers above state-pension age will also contribute to the new levy
  • Employers will also need to contribute an additional 1.25% (employer NI is currently 13.8%)
  • Anyone earning just under £10,000 still be exempt

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